Black and Siamese dwarves Available August 14!

Beeton, Ontario, Canada

Breeder specializing in healthy, well socialized dwarf and standard rats.


Upcoming litters

Gypsy x Ranger dwarf babies

6 babies, harleys and standards expected


Available for Reservation

This group of babies are from two litters born close together.  The albinos and martens are from Charmin and Goliath. The others are from Ash and Clementine.

Adoption Fees

Dwarf litter 17 days old, Yogi & Neesha

2 black boys and the Siamese (maybe) Available.  I still haven’t decided to keep him or not. There are 2 younger standard babies from a different mom in there too.

Shaye and her babies

Check out this great video

Shasta's babies

The babies are 16 days old. They still want to wiggle toward each other. 

Baby boys

Boys only. 

Siamese Girls

Haley girl marked with blue

Mannie girl marked with pink 

phoebe green and purple