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Care Sheet

Rat Care Sheet


  • Polysporin eye drops for pink eye- if your rat gets irritated eyes this will clear them up
  • Oil of oregano oil- get edible grade with a higher level of Carvacrol, raw honey and baby food.  
    • If your rats start to sneeze it is because ALL rats are born with mycoplasmosis and can very easily get respiratory infections.  If your rats start to sneeze, mix a tbsp or more of raw honey with a full dropper of oregano oil and another tbsp of baby food. Mix it together and give each rat .2 ml-.5 mil.  Oregano has natural antibiotic properties and should clear up the sneeze before it turns into something worse that requires amoxicillin or baytril.   I order the baytril from the US as well or if you feel uncomfortable, see a vet.
    • If your inclined, as I am , order some Fix Mox from the US.  I mix one 500mg capsule with 1 tbsp of baby food a bit of warm water to thin it.  Give .25 ml in the syringe twice daily for 2 weeks.  If your rat gets worse then a vet may be required.  It has been my experience that the oil of oregano works very well if you start it as soon as you notice the sneezing.  It might take 2-3 weeks to clear it up though.
  • Aspen bedding or paper  bedding only.  DON’T USE PINE OR CEDAR BEDDING!! It will bring on respiratory distress
  • Your cage should be multilevel for climbing.  I like the Critter Nations but they are expensive.  They’re extremely well made though. As a second choice, Id go with the Kaytee multilevel for exotics because it is roomy and has a deep base.  Don’t use cages with wire bottoms as feet can get caught in the gaps.
  • Wheels- if you choose to use one, some rats like them, some don’t, the minimum size is 12” because you do not want them to have to arch their backs or bend their tails.  
  • Food- I feed oxbow, Fromm kitten food, rolled oats, Cheerios, pumpkin and sunflower seeds (small amounts), dried pasta and puffed wheat all mixed together.  Once per day I give frozen peas or any other veggie except onions and raw brussel sprouts.  If you have boys, do not give them any citrus. I also offer proteins such as eggs and tuna.
  • Buck Grease- some males can get an orange build up on their skin called buck grease.  It’s from having too much testosterone.  Bathing can help as well as giving them olive oil on bread about 3 times per week. 
  • If you have females and they begin to quiver and wiggle their ears, they’re just in heat