Beautiful Siamese standard babies available!

Beeton, Ontario, Canada

Dwarf rat breeder specializing in healthy, well socialized dwarf rats.

About Me

Why Dwarf Rats?


I’ve owned standard rats as pets on and off since 2001. The breaks I’ve taken always came down to odor. It seemed that no matter how often I cleaned their cages, the urine smell became strong,  dwarf rats do not have the same strong urine.  For this reason, I’m extremely happy to keep dwarf rats. 

My Rats


I currently keep a colony of 9 boys and 4 girls in 2 separate critter nations.  I do not breed every rat since they’re all my personal pets.   I have 2 Harley boys and 1 girl, 2 silvermane boys and 1 girl and the rest are satin or standard coats of various colours. Every rat gets a lot of cuddle time and 4 come to work with me each week. I’m an elementary school teacher so all my rats get plenty of attention. 

Why Breed?


I’ve always kept animals because I love them. I have 3 dogs, 3 cats, the rats, 2 geckos and a ball python. Rats are especially dear to me and I have a profound interest in genetics. I approached Georgian Bay Rattery for guidance and I’m currently under her mentorship.  Each litter I breed is well thought out. I do not breed for colours but for health and temperament.  Thus, the parents of my babies are selected with those goals in mind.